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Welcome to Linthicum Precision  Machining, Inc., a premier provider of high-quality machining services in Indianapolis. With over 45 years of combined experience in the industry, we have established ourselves as a trusted partner for numerous clients across various sectors.

At our facility, we are experts in utilizing state-of-the-art machinery, allowing us to provide precision machining services that conform to even the most exacting standards.

At Linthicum Machining, we are committed to delivering exceptional customer service and unparalleled craftsmanship to help our clients achieve their goals.


Let LPM Supply Your Needs

Linthicum Precision Machining, Inc. specializes in machined components, die cavity repair, inserts, prototypes and much more. Between our products, materials and equipment, we strive to cater to all of your machining needs.

LPM Equipment

LPM Products

All LPM products are manufactured with a high level of accuracy, consistency and efficiency.


Linthicum components are made from a variety of materials and are produced using a wide range of machining methods.

Die cast tooling is the process of creating custom molds or dies for the production of metal parts using the die casting process. The tooling is designed to withstand the high temperatures and pressures involved in the die casting process and to create a specific shape and size of metal part with tight tolerances and consistent quality.

Fixtures are devices or equipment used to hold and position workpieces in place during machining operations. They are designed to ensure accuracy, consistency, and repeatability in the manufacturing process.

LPM gauges are what we  use to measure the dimensions of machined parts and ensure that machined parts meet specific dimensional requirements.

Flanges are components that are used to connect pipes, valves, or other equipment in a piping system. They are typically made of metal and are bolted together to form a strong and secure connection. Flanges are often machined to ensure a tight fit and to ensure that the flange faces are flat and parallel to each other.

****See Jill*****

****See Jill*****

LPM Materials

Linthicum Precision Machining
utilizes a variety of materials including,
Aluminum, Brass, Copper, Plastics, Stainless Steel, and Exotic Metals.

Our Staff

Image of Jill Linthicum - Chief Executive Officer

Jill Linthicum

Chief Executive Officer

Image of Mike Linthicum - Chief Operations Officer

Mike Linthicum

Chief Operations Officer

Image of Matt Linthicum - CNC Machinist

Matt Linthicum

CNC Machinist

Image of Logan Linthicum - CNC Machinist

Logan Linthicum

CNC Machinist

Image of Zach Garard- CNC Machinist

Zach Garard

CNC Machinist

Image of Owen Linthicum- CNC Machinist

Owen Linthicum

CNC Machinist

Image of Chris Starnes -CNC Programmer

Chris Starnes

CNC Programmer

Why Choose Us

At Linthicum Precision Machining our commitment to quality is evident in every project we undertake, and we strive to deliver exceptional customer service.

We use cutting-edge technology and rigorous quality control processes to ensure that our products exceed the highest standards. Our team of experts collaborates with clients to understand their needs and provides tailored solutions that meet their unique requirements. We stand on our…

45 Years of Experience

Competitive Pricing

A-1 Customer Service

Quick Turn Around Time

State of The Art Tools

Family Operated Culture

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